Financial Aid Counseling, Consulting, & Consolidation Merchant Services

Surprisingly financial aid consulting is considered a mid to high risk business. This is not a reflection on your business’ performance, but a label mainly determined by the nature of the industry. The potential for fraud, pyramid schemes, and unauthorized use of financial information are a few risk factors that prevent financial aid counselors and consultants from obtaining merchant accounts. At Soar Payments, we’ve partnered with a number of acquiring banks who consistently provide credit card processing to mid and high risk merchants. Contact us today to discuss payment processing options for your financial aid consulting business.

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Financial Aid Counseling Merchant Accounts

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We will match you with a trusted acquiring bank, processor and gateway from our network of domestic and offshore banks.
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Learn More About Financial Aid Consulting Merchant Accounts

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Required Documents For Your Merchant Account Application
In addition to completing a merchant account application, you may be required to submit a few additional documents in order to speed up the underwriting process. This includes bank statements, past processing statements, articles of incorporation, marketing materials, etc. For a full list of required documents, please refer to our application checklist page.

Secure Transactions
Qualifying merchants will be provided accounts linked to secure, PCI compliant payment gateways. Soar Payments’ technical support team seamlessly integrates our safe payment gateways with your website for complete protection all of your financial aid consulting transactions.

Expert Merchant Account Support
Soar Payments is widely know for working with high risk merchants. Our team of merchant account managers are experts in determining the best payment processing solutions available for your high risk business. We will match you with one of our trusted banking partners who provide customized payment processing solutions and reliable payout schedules.
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