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Mobile app developers are always finding ways to keep up with trends by creating new and innovate apps for mobile users. Credit card processing for mobile app businesses can be limited at times due to their higher risk for chargebacks and credit card fraud. With SoarPay, accepting credit card payments online can be easy. We match you with one of our dependable mobile app credit card processors and find the most competitive rates available for your mobile app business. SoarPay also offers free chargeback management to assist your mobile app company in maintaining a successful merchant account.

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Mobile App Merchant Accounts

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Our friendly expert merchant managers will help you understand your businesses’ credit card processing options.
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We will match you with a trusted acquiring bank, processor and gateway from our network of domestic and offshore banks.
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Start processing in as little to 1-2 business days once approved –and receive payouts in as little as 48 hours.

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Learn More About Mobile App Merchant Accounts

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Fast Approval Process
To help expedite your application process, please provide your sales agent with the following documents:

· Owner’s ID or Passport
· Business Formation Documents (e.g. Articles of Incorporation)
· Business Voided Check or Bank Document
· Business or Personal Bank Statements
· Credit Card Processing Statements

Once we have received all supporting documents, your business can be approved in as little as three business days for credit card processing.

Chargeback Education with SoarPay
Soar Payments offers outstanding chargeback education and chargeback prevention tools to help your business maintain a successful merchant account. Understanding your chargebacks is one of the most important ways in determining which practices help your business maintain low chargeback ratios and improve your mobile app services.

Secure Payment Gateway
Our payment gateways are not only easy to use, they are also always PCI-DSS compliant for a secure payment experience your customers can trust. Once approved, our technical support staff can help integrate your website to our secure payment gateway so that you can start safely processing payments immediately.
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