Pet Shop & Supply Store Merchant Services

Credit card processing can help take your pet shop supply store to new levels both in-store and online by allowing customers to pay with credit when cash is not readily available to them. Soar Payments will match your pet store business with low credit card processing rates, saving your pet supply store in processing fees, and making credit card transactions easy and convenient for everyone.

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Pet Shop & Supply Store Merchant Accounts

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Our friendly expert merchant managers will help you understand your businesses’ credit card processing options.
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We will match you with a trusted acquiring bank, processor and gateway from our network of domestic and offshore banks.
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Start processing in as little to 1-2 business days once approved –and receive payouts in as little as 48 hours.

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Learn More About Pet Shop & Supply Business Merchant Accounts

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POS Terminal Solutions
Soar Payments offers payment solutions to meet all of your pet store & supply business needs, including:

· Point-of-sale (POS) terminals for pet stores
· Mobile card readers for pet grooming businesses
· E-commerce gateways for online pet supply stores

Reliable Payout Schedule
Your holdback and payment schedule will be based on the banking partner’s evaluation of your merchant account application, monthly sales volume, and credit card processing history. Once your daily payout (for example, three days arrears) or weekly payout (one or two weeks arrears) is determined, Soar Payments ensures reliable and timely payouts.
Fast Application Approval Process
At Soar Payments you will be working with some of the most knowledgeable and friendly experts in the merchant services industry, who strive to provide you with a speedy application process. Contact us today to discuss the best payment processing options for your business, and provide you with a high-risk merchant account that meets your needs.

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