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Finding a merchant account to sell educational and downloadable software can be difficult due to the higher risk of chargebacks in this business relative to that of a retail or card-present business. For businesses that are new to the space, or businesses who have had chargeback issues in the past because they didn’t know what steps to take, fraud prevention software to employ, or chargeback prevention techniques to use, it can be doubly hard. At Soar Payments, we offer credit card processing for educational software and downloadable software businesses. Soar Payments offers PCI compliant payment gateways, chargeback prevention and avoidance packages, and general guidance to enable your education software or downloadable software company to successfully open and maintain a merchant account.

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Software Merchant Accounts

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Fast Approval Process
Soar Payments delivers high approval rates for software merchant accounts. Many businesses begin processing payments in as little as three to four days once a new application is submitted for underwriting. Contact us at to begin our free and easy application process.

Chargeback Education with SoarPay
Soar Payments includes chargeback education as a credit card processing service for all high risk merchants. We will education you in preventing fraudulent transactions and chargebacks, handling chargebacks, and even reversing them when necessary.
Secure Payment Gateway
Soar Payments understands the importance of providing secure payment gateways to software providers and offers qualifying software providers with protected payment gateways to help improve credit card processing transactions. In addition, Soar Payments offers free virtual terminals and equipment compatible with our secure payment gateways.
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