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The Power of Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways with Eric Barbier of TripleA

So many in the fintech and payments world are interested in expanding cryptocurrency adoption for consumers and merchants. One crucial ingredient to traditional payments has always been the payment gateway.

Keeping that in mind, this show explores cryptocurrency payment gateways with the help of our guest, Eric Barbier. Eric is the founder and CEO of TripleA Technology. TripleA is a crypto payment gateway helping merchants to easily accept bitcoin payments. TripleA removes the volatility risk by converting in real time the crypto to local currency.

Listen in as Eric shares his expertise on bringing crypto (specifically Bitcoin) and payments together.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • The story behind TripleA Technology, and Eric’s journey into the world of cryptocurrency.
  • How TripleA’s payment gateway solution goes about protecting both merchants and consumers from bitcoin price volatility.
  • How accepting cryptocurrencies can be a huge financial win for both merchants and businesses offering payments solutions such as ISOs.
  • Eric’s thoughts on fintech, payments, and where Bitcoin and crypto in general is headed in the future.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

TripleA Technology

TripleA simplifies Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment for all businesses and their clients. They help companies increase their sales by providing the technology to offer Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments seamlessly.

Their solution is meant for everyone: effortless, fast and user-friendly. They offer two options for flexible withdrawal: receive the amount in Bitcoin or in your local currency. Choose Bitcoin to Bitcoin: nobody else other than you will touch your Bitcoins, and you can switch your option at any time.

Founded in 2018 in Singapore by Eric Barbier, a repeat entrepreneur in mobile, payment and FinTech, TripleA complies with the highest international standards for AML and KYC.