PayPod: The Payments Podcast

Welcome to PayPod, a show that explores the fast-changing world of payments. The show features interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs in the payments and fintech industries.

Each episode, you’ll hear an interview directly with a leader of the payments industry. We talk with fintech entrepreneurs, security experts, mobile developers, eCommerce pros, and more…

From credit card processing to bitcoin… from retail point of sale systems to cutting edge digital payments software… merchant accounts and mobile checkout… we cover it all!

PayPod Launches June 4, 2018

Episode recordings are underway. Visit us on June 4th to Listen and Subscribe!

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Meet The Host

Scott Hawksworth
PayPod Host

Scott Hawksworth is a tech entrepreneur based in Chicago, IL. After founding a number of businesses that required credit card payment processing solutions, he became interested in the larger payments industry and innovations in payment technology. An avid follower of the crypto payments revolution, Scott is particularly interested in the future of payments and finch in the digital age.

Through interviews with leading payments professionals and entrepreneurs, in each episode of PayPod, Scott explores a different aspect of the payments industry, expanding his knowledge and that of other entrepreneurs and executives who tune in.

New Show Episodes

Introducing PayPod: The Payments Podcast

PayPod is currently recording episodes for its launch on June 4th, 2018! Hosted by Scott Hawksworth, the show features interviews […]

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