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The #1 Low Risk Payment Processor

An Overview

The #1 Choice For Low Risk Credit Card Processing.

Why Are We #1? Because every client gets three guarantees (whether you sell online, over the phone, or in a retail location):

  1. Instant Online Quote.
    When you submit your application, you’ll get an instant price quote to DocuSign. No offline paperwork, no faxes, no waiting.
  2. Industry Minimum Pricing.
    You will automatically receive Industry Minimum Pricing in your online quote. No more frustrating haggling with sales reps.
  3. Friendly Client Support.
    When you call or email, you’ll always speak with our friendly, in-house client support team.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about low risk merchant accounts.

  • Do You Offer Free Equipment to Low Risk Merchants?

    Yes! While many existing businesses prefer to continue using their existing point of sale system, which we offer to remotely transition to our credit card processing platform for free, for new retail businesses or retail businesses who are simply ready to get new credit card processing equipment, we offer free credit card processing terminals, or mobile swiping devices.

    Simply indicate that you’re a retail or mobile merchant in your application, and you’ll be contacted by our sales team to discuss your free equipment options prior to shipping your equipment.

  • What Is Low Risk? What’s The Difference Between Low Risk And High Risk?

    Merchants classified as “high risk” (from the perspective of the payment processing industry) have one or more of the following characteristics:

    1. irregular or very high-ticket sales;
    2. in an industry with a history of high chargebacks;
    3. in an industry that large banks are “politically” unwilling to support; or
    4. in a highly regulated industry.

    Merchants classified as “low risk,” on the other hand, will typically have all of the following characteristics:

    1. low to mid-ticket sales;
    2. in an industry with a history of low chargebacks;
    3. in an industry that is not politically controversial, and is not highly regulated.

    A brick-and-morter coffee shop, a bookstore, or a restaurant would be a typical example of a low risk merchant.

  • Is My Industry Low Risk Or High Risk?

    Click here to visit our full FAQ page and see the list of industries which are considered High Risk, as well as a list of Ultra High Risk industries which SoarPay is unable to serve.

    If your business has a low chargeback rate, has low-to-mid-ticket sales, and is not politically controversial or highly regulated, it is probably considered low risk.

  • Do You Offer Lower Pricing For Low Risk Merchants?

    YES! The Instant Price Quote you receive after you submit your online application will reflect your business’s risk classification.

    SoarPay offers Industry Minimum Pricing to every client, which will depend on the client’s industry and sales volume. For low risk merchant accounts, we offer transparently priced, low interchange plus pricing.

Want more information? Click here to read our extended list of our FAQ.

Our friendly Customer Support Team is standing by to approve your application

Accept Retail, Mobile, Virtual Terminal or eCommerce Payments

Retail Payments

Retail businesses can choose from a traditional credit card terminal, wireless, or point of sale system. Whatever you choose, our retail merchant accounts will have you accepting credit and debit cards faster, and for less.

Mobile Payments

​Want “on the go” mid or high risk credit card processing? Our mobile pay options are for you. Choose between iPad or mobile phone credit card swipers, compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

Virtual Terminal Payments

Accepting payments over the phone, mail or typed in on your laptop  is easy with our virtual terminal merchant accounts.  No equipment needed. Just log in to your virtual terminal, and type in the customer’s credit card.

eCommerce Payments

Selling online? Our easy to use payment gateways are compatible with, and simply plug in to most major shopping carts. Our mid and high risk merchant accounts are streamlined for eCommerce businesses.

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