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Paying By Text With Larry Talley Of Everyware

The contactless payment revolution continues, and on this episode we explore a unique payment method under this umbrella… pay by text.

Larry Talley is the Founder and CEO of Everyware, a company simplifying the process of collecting payments by offering pay by text solutions. Listen along as Larry breaks down why this payment method is so powerful, and the keys to Everyware’s success in a constantly shifting payments landscape.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • Why contactless payment solutions are crucial both currently and in the future of payments.
  • Why pay by text is an ideal contactless payments solution.
  • The story behind Everyware, and how it fits into the larger payments stack for merchant services providers and their merchants.
  • What powerful impacts pay by text can have for merchants in terms of revenues, customer relationships, and more.
  • Larry’s thoughts on the present and future of payments, including where technology will continue to take the industry.
  • With so much more!

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Launched by Larry Talley and Scott Orlinsky in 2015, Everyware is a leading contactless payments and customer engagement solutions company. Everyware offers simple billing solutions for organizations in a wide variety of industries helping companies collect payments and connect with customers, especially through text messaging, the ultimate contactless technology. The company helps clients to boost revenue, reduce chargebacks and refunds, as well as improve customer service. There is no other highly secure, mobile communication platform and payment gateway on the market that combines these tools to meet the demand. It is the most straightforward, simple and scalable Pay by Text platform that has the capability to work alongside existing systems with easy integration. Visit for more information.”