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Innovative Payment Gateways with Stefan Tapia and Matt Thomas of PDCflow

Welcome to the first ever episode of PayPod: The Payments Industry Podcast! Every episode we’re going to explore a different side of the This week, we’re talking about innovations in payment gateways. Helping us explore this are our guests from PDCflow, Stefan Tapia and Matt Thomas. Stefan is on the sales team for PDCflow, while Matt is a member of the product team. Together, they had a ton of great insight to share!

PDCFlow is an application that allows multi-channel payments with integrated eSignatures for compliant payment authorizations… all on one central platform. Listen in to learn how it works, and what payment gateway innovations can do for your business in regards to reducing chargebacks, and so much more.

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode

  • What PDCflow is and how its payment technology helps businesses.
  • How ‘wet signature’ and ‘adopted signature’ differ, and how that impacts merchants.
  • What new innovations Stefan and Matt expect to see in the payments industry as a whole and at PDCflow.
  • Why customer service is so crucial to any business, but especially those in fintech.
  • With a whole bunch more insight!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight


Opened in 2003 (under the original name PDC4U), PDCflow has gone through a lot of growth and changes. From their origins focusing on cloud based payment processing services for the debt collection industry, their path has been a fruitful one. Today, “a complete payment management solution that is simple, quick and secure, so you can collect #payments faster.” The application allows for multi-channel payments with integrated, compliant payment authorizations on one central platform.

Making it easier for businesses to accept payments is at the heart of what PDCflow does. Their technologically advanced suite of business tools allows for robust reporting for ach payments, credit card payments, online payments, and IVR payments. PDCflow also offers integrated eSignature with ACH payments so you can acquire what your business needs for a transaction in one simple, easy-to-follow workflow.

Customer experiences are so important, and depending on how they go, can be the difference between a sale and repeat business… or a missed opportunity. PDCflow focuses on this, while also working to develop technologies that give their customers even more options and tools when it comes to setting up payment gateways. In particular, the “wet signature technology” which allows for customers to manually create a signature (as opposed to adopting one), is an incredibly popular innovation.

All programming for PDCflow is completed in their Ogden, Utah office located at the base of the Wasatch mountains in northern Utah. With a commitment to a great experience for both businesses and consumers , PDCflow shows no signs of slowing down in their innovations or success!

Small Business Organization of the Week

Small Business Majority

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or just working in a small business, you’ll inevitably run into challenges as you work to grow. You also could benefit greatly from connecting with others in your niche, or just having some extra guidance. With that in mind, we want to honor organizations that are bringing business owners, future business owners, and even employees from many different areas together.

That’s why every episode we’ll recognize and award a small business organization or group of the week. We also will look to PayPod listeners to give us nominations. If you have an organization in mind, send us a message on social media and let us know!

As for this week, we’re happy to award Small Business Majority!

Small Business Majority is “a national small business advocacy organization, founded and run by small business owners to ensure America’s entrepreneurs are a key part of an inclusive, equitable and diverse economy.”

Their mission is to empower America’s entrepreneurs to build a thriving and inclusive economy. They accomplish this is through advocating for policy solutions that create a strong, job-creating economy for all and provides education and resources to entrepreneurs to promote small business growth and prosperity.

They conduct extensive research on the attitudes and concerns of small business owners and freelancers and communicate their findings and message directly to stakeholders and through the media. They have a network of 58,000 small business owners and work with more than 1,000 business groups across the country on issues including access to capital, healthcare, taxes, retirement, paid leave and other policies directly impacting entrepreneurship. Their team works from nine offices, located in Washington, D.C., and seven states: California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, New York and Virginia.

Needless to say, it’s important work supporting small business owners – so huge congratulations are in order for Small Business Majority. Keep up the great work!