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Digital Fraud Prevention with Don Bush of Kount

It’s time to dive into another episode of PayPod: The Payments Industry Podcast! On this episode, we’re covering another topic that is crucial for business owners and payments industry professionals to be familiar with… digital fraud protection. Digital fraud can create massive problems for a business, including financial penalties, an erosion of customer trust, and more.

Scott was joined by an excellent guest who has a great deal of insight on this subject. Don Bush is the Vice President of Marketing at Kount, a technology company which helps businesses boost sales by reducing fraud. Kount offers patented machine learning technology which analyzes transactions to stop fraud and increase revenue for online businesses, merchants, acquiring banks, and payment service providers. Needless to say, preventing fraud is their bread and butter!

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode

  • How Kount helps businesses fight fraud, and how Don ended up joining the business.
  • Why fraud prevention is so important to a businesses bottom line.
  • What advantages digital criminals (AKA “The Bad Guys”) have which organizations concerned with fraud protection have to contend with.
  • Don’s thoughts on some of the best practices businesses can follow to help prevent fraud.
  • Don’s insight into the payments industry as a whole, and what the future holds for ISOs.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight


Located in Boise, Idaho, Kount has been delivering award-winning fraud management, identity verification and online authentication technology ever since its founding. Kount helps digital businesses, online merchants and payment service providers around the world to conduct business more safely and to stay ahead of would-be fraudsters. This level of service has helped businesses approve more orders, uncover new revenue streams, and dramatically improve their bottom line all while minimizing fraud management cost and losses.

A Brief Look at Kount:

  • Products Offered: Kount Central, Kount Access, Kount Complete
  • Propriety Techniques and Patented Technologies In: Mobile fraud detection, Advanced artificial intelligence, Multi-layer device fingerprinting, IP proxy detection and geo-location, Transaction and custom scoring, Global order linking, Business intelligence reporting, Comprehensive order management, Professional and managed services.
  • HQ Address: 917 Lusk St. Boise, Idaho

Small Business Organization of the Week

National Small Business Association

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or just working in a small business, you’ll inevitably run into challenges as you work to grow. You also could benefit greatly from connecting with others in your niche, or just having some extra guidance. With that in mind, we want to honor organizations that are bringing business owners, future business owners, and even employees from many different areas together.

That’s why every episode we recognize and award a small business organization or group of the week. We also look to PayPod listeners to give us nominations. If you have an organization in mind, send us a message on social media (or email) and let us know!

As for this week, we’re happy to award National Small Business Association.

We’re pleased to recognize The National Small Business Association or NSBA. For more than 80 years the NSBA has represented America’s small-business owners. The NSBA is a staunchly nonpartisan organization with 65,000 members in every state and every industry in the U.S.

They are a volunteer-led association… and their primary mission is to advocate state and federal policies that are beneficial to small business, the state, and the nation—and promote the growth of free enterprise.

Members of the NSBA benefit in a number of ways. Specifically, NSBA offers its members a myriad of resources and insight on legislative issues that impact America’s small-business owners. Through various partnerships, they offer discounts to members on a variety of products, including health insurance.

If you’d like to learn more about them, or even join, you can find them online.