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The Lightning Network with Bryan Aulds of the Unhashed Podcast

On this episode we’re back to chatting about Bitcoin, but we’re going to focus in on something we’ve touched on before in other bitcoin episodes, but really deserves a lot of attention because of its potential in the payments industry… The Lightning Network. Scott is joined by Bryan Aulds, who is a “an economics and finance junky with a penchant for libertarian theory” He’s part of the Unhashed Podcast which is all about bitcoin, and he co-founded a business which sells a backup wallet for cryptocurrency keys, called Billfodl.

Needless to say, Bryan had a lot to share! Scott and Bryan explore much in this episode, and focus on how the Lightening Network offers a tremendous amount of potential when it comes to payments.

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode

  • What the Lightning Network is and how it works as an alternative to traditional payment methods.
  • How the Lightning Network’s design makes the community the primary mechanism for filtering out fraud and keeping transaction costs competitive.
  • What the future of Bitcoin may look like.
  • What Billfodl is all about, and why having a secure wallet for private keys is so important for anyone owning a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.
  • With a whole bunch more!

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