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How to Educate Yourself on Bitcoin with Jameson Lopp

Educating yourself on Bitcoin is crucial whether you want to just stay informed about a new financial revolution, or apply it to your work in the payments industry. However, there is a lot to learn, and the educational path you follow is critical to success.

Fortunately, our guest this week is an expert at helping newbies learn about Bitcoin. He also put together the most cited Bitcoin resource list out there on Jameson Lopp, joined Scott to share his thoughts on Bitcoin, and the process of educating yourself on the world of crypto.

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode

  • How Jameson got into Bitcoin and why he started his resource list.
  • Why Jameson believes you should never sell your Bitcoin.
  • What educational paths Jameson recommends newbies consider taking.
  • How Bitcoin will achieve mainstream acceptence.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

Jameson Lopp has spent the past 6 years diving down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. He attempt to distill his understanding of the system with articles and presentations that are posted on his site, along with the best educational resources he has come across while performing his own research. His resource list is among the most cited in all of the Bitcoin community and has been curated and categorized to help guide anyone in their pursuit of knowledge. Whether you’re approaching from a developer, investor, or payments professional perspective, offers helpful learning paths.