Bitcoin’s Path to Mainstream Payments with Daniel Brown of You Me and BTC

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what bitcoin is, how it works, and what it might mean for the future of payments and currencies in general. But one thing we’ve neglected to discuss thus far is how traditional businesses in the payments world, and individuals championing bitcoin are working to drive mainstream adoption.

Scott is joined this week by Daniel Brown of You Me and BTC. Daniel helps run the site and hosts the associated podcast all about bitcoin and liberty. His shows and articles cover all kinds of topics under the umbrella of bitcoin, so he’s an excellent expert to have on the show.

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode:

  • What the keys are to building belief and trust in Bitcoin in the mainstream.
  • What bitpay is, and how it’s great evidence of VISA taking steps to get even more involved with Bitcoin.
  • Why countries like Brazil are starting to lead the charge in the mainstreaming of Bitcoin.
  • Daniel’s thoughts on the future of Bitcoin and where we’re all headed from a payments and fintech perspective.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments Industry Spotlight: You, Me, and BTC

You, Me, and BTC is an insanely enjoyable Bitcoin podcast with a strong focus on liberty. Every week, we casually chat about how Bitcoin sets the world free and share the latest cryptocurrency news. Don’t be surprised if we rant, argue, troll, beg for Twitter followers, or engage in other shenanigans.

Guests have included:

  • Bitcoin author and legend Andreas Antonopoulos
  • CLO Jeffrey Tucker
  • editor Angela Keaton
  • Bitcoin/liberty activist Michele Seven
  • Jason King from Sean’s Outpost Homeless Outreach
  • Drew Phillips from Bitcoin Not Bombs
  • Numerous other Bitcoin-loving founders, CEOs, and activists