Why Cryptocurrencies with Drew Taylor and Brent Bates of the Wild West Crypto Show

Why Cryptocurrencies? It’s a huge question in the world of payments and fintech, because many people wonder why they’re even necessary or if mainstream adoption is a good thing. On this episode of PayPod: The Payments Podcast we dive headlong into a discussion all about it.

Joining Scott to explore this is Brent Bates and Drew Taylor of The Wild West Crypto Show. Drew Taylor is the founder and CEO of Wild West Crypto, and an inventor, innovator, and a visionary who holds 7 utility patents 6 Radio Shows, 2 Television shows, written 2 books. Brent Bates, is a co-host of the Wild West Crypto Show and a true business professional with decades of experience in professional fields, which have ultimately led him to the world of crypto.

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode:

  • What led Drew and Brent into the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • Why Brent absolutely HATES the idea of regulation on crypto.
  • What they each think it will take to bring cryptocurrencies to “mainstream adoption”.
  • What the future holds for cryptocurrencies and payments.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments Industry Spotlight: Wild West Crypto Show

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Cryptocurrency is a new frontier that not many have dared to venture into. The Wild West Crypto Show, with the help of C-Suite and many others, is here to make your journey as easy and profitable as possible by providing our viewers with the facts and addressing misinformation about cryptocurrency. So saddle up, partner, we’ve got a long ride ahead of us!”