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The State of Fintech in 2019 with Mike Baliman of The London Fintech Podcast

Welcome to another episode of PayPod: The Payments Industry Podcast! On this show, we’re back to talking about the latest in fintech, specifically where things stand in 2019. Scott discusses this with the help of a true expert.

Mike Baliman is the founder and host of The London Fintech Podcast, which was launched in July 2014, is the longest running and most blue-chip Fintech podcast in Europe. The mission of the show is to educate and entertain and it has had over 420,000 downloads in 180 countries worldwide since its launch.

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode

  • The story of Mike’s fintech career, and what has changed in the space from when he first entered it.
  • Why we’re in the “Golden Age of Fintech” and it doesn’t look to be ending any time soon.
  • Mike’s insight on cryptocurrencies, P2P lending, credit cards, and more..
  • How regulation has shaped the fintech world, and how it could be done better.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

London Fintech Podcast

Interviews with key players in the London FinTech Scene. It really is a Golden Age of Innovation in Financial Services. Perhaps even larger than the last wave of innovation starting around Big Bang time in the 1980s. It is a once in a lifetime epochal shift. Who will be the Financial Services equivalents of amazon, google, facebook? Whoever they will be they will have captured a huge territory and will become the new, difficult to dislodge incumbents. How will this affect banking, insurance and the rest of Financial Services? Who are the people raiding the citadel? What are their stories?