The Economics and Philosophy of Bitcoin with Guy Swann of The Cryptoconomy Podcast

It’s time for another episode of PayPod! On this show, we’re back to discussing Bitcoin as we explore the philosophy and economics behind it. Understanding these two key elements is significant when considering the applications of bitcoin in traditional financial systems, adoption, and more.

Joining Scott to help explore this is Guy Swann, founder and host of The Cryptoconomy Podcast. Guy has spent well over 7 years learning about Bitcoin and its associated technologies, and has combined it with his passion for economics to become a thought leader in the field. Listen in for his great insight!

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode:

  • How Bitcoin and its associated technologies are a completely new way of approaching economics.
  • What Guy thinks the keys to getting Bitcoin more adoption and mainstream acceptance is.
  • Why Guy is so excited about bitcoin and an overview of his journey to becoming an expert on it.
  • Guy’s thoughts on the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments Industry Spotlight: Cryptoconomy

The Cryptoconomy Podcast “is meant to find and make available as mini-audiobooks or “QuikReads,” all the best, most informative, thought provoking, and exciting perspectives on Bitcoin and the industry at large.” Host Guy Swann covers “everything from the philosophy and cypherpunks that made [Bitcoin] possible, the debates about the future of the protocol, new and old technical developments, the economics and game theory that keep it alive, and everything else about living life in the Cryptoconomy.” Guy interviews “authors and major personalities in the space” in addition to researching and exploring the new technology and services.