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Tackling Credit Card Processing Fees with Allan Ratafia and Marc Howard of BizPayO

One of the biggest frustrations merchants have when it comes to payments is the cost of credit card processing fees. While these fees necessary and have allowed the payments and merchant services industries to flourish and innovate… helping merchants manage them and remain competitive is a crucial task. On this episode, Scott is joined by two guests who are working to tackle these very fees by giving merchants tools to reduce their impact.

Marc Howard and Allan Ratafia from BizPayO join Scott to discuss the unique payments solutions they’re working on each and every day. Listen in to hear how they view, and are addressing, the elephant in the room that is rising credit card processing fees.

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode

  • What challenges credit card processing fees, especially when they’re on the rise, present for merchants.
  • Why enabling merchants to accept payments from customers in a variety of ways (including surcharging for credit card processing) is so powerful.
  • How “cash flow optimization” is a strategy that any business can benefit from.
  • Allan and Marc’s thoughts on the present and future of payments and fintech as a whole.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight


BizPayO is a Cash Flow Optimization platform that allows services businesses to accept payments online without having to absorb the processing fees.

The platform lets businesses easily send client engagements and proposals, accept digital payments online at zero net cost, and automatically sync transactions and payments to QuickBooks. Its Cash Flow Analytics Dashboard lets you keep track of your entire cash flow all in one place.

While most businesses pay an average of 3-4 percent for credit card processing, BizPayO enables services businesses to get paid by credit card payments at $0 net cost. This is possible through the system’s proprietary Upcharge Technology™ which allows the business to recover these fees by enabling the surcharge or convenience fee recovery feature.

BizPayO is an all-in-one platform for client engagement, online payment, fee recovery, recurring payments and Quickbooks auto sync, effectively the entire cash flow process. BizPayO lets small businesses get paid fast without the fees.

You can try BizPayO today for free. No credit card required. Visit www.bizpayo.com.