Auditing Security and Trust on the Web with Jeff WIlbur of the Online Trust Alliance (OTA)

Whether you’re an individual making a purchase online, an eCommerce business with customers all over the world, or a payments/fintech organization handling sensitive data such as credit card information… online trust and security matters. On this episode, we cover this topic in depth with the help of a technology expert from The Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance (OTA).

Scott is joined by Jeff Wilbur, who is the Technical Director for OTA. He helps Scott explore online security and trust through the lens of the 10th OTA Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll, which is an evaluation OTA does yearly. In fact, this year, OTA even added payments services to the consumer section of the audit this year. Listen in to learn what industries are leading the pack with security, what the best practices are, and much more!

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode:

  • What the OTA Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll is all about.
  • Why following best practices so important, especially for businesses and organizations handling sensitive things like payments data, personal information, and more.
  • What trust and security areas organizations doing better in, and what areas they could still improve in.
  • How the worlds of payments and banking are doing when it comes to online security and trust.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments Industry Spotlight: The Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance

The Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance identifies and promotes security and privacy best practices that build consumer confidence in the Internet. Leading public and private organizations, vendors, researchers, and policymakers contribute to and follow OTA’s guidance to help make online transactions safer and better protect users’ data. Its annual Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll is a comprehensive evaluation of a site’s best practices in brand and consumer protection, security, and privacy. Through a composite weighted scoring including over 100 data points, sites that achieve a score of 80% or greater are named to the Honor Roll. Payment services were added to the Consumer sector for the first time this year. The full report is available at