Running Payroll Using Blockchain Technology with Ryan Fyfe of

Blockchain technology offers a variety of benefits for those in the world of payments and Fintech. We dive into this on this latest show with the help of an entrepreneur whose company is using the blockchain to revolutionize payroll.

Getting paid instantly for work done isn’t just some pipe dream, and our guest today is going to share exactly why. Scott is joined by Ryan Fyfe who is the Co-founder and CEO of which bills itself as “The Blockchain solution for the future of Payroll” Listen in to hear his great insight!

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode:

  • How is revolutionizing payroll.
  • Why smart contracts and blockchain technology are opening up new possibilities in the world of fintech.
  • Ryan’s thoughts on the continued emergence of the gig economy.
  • What Ryan sees in the future of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, payments, and fintech in general.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments Industry Spotlight: gives workers the power to get paid instantly in cryptocurrency, the moment they
finish work—real financial freedom that everyone deserves. Using smart contracts and connecting directly with HR systems in place today, users can get paid in real-time in stablecoin through the Wallet, a decentralized application available on iOS and Android.

Over the past decade, the team behind has built innovative, market-leading HR technology solutions. These applications have helped one million-plus employees in more than 40,000 workplaces schedule, track time and productivity, and payroll around the globe. Imagining a faster, fairer and simpler way to make payroll, the idea for was born in 2013. And now, with the blockchain, we have the technology to make it possible, seamless and efficient.