Stablecoins and Payments with Amiya Diwan, Bryan Guy, and Kory Hoang of Stably

We have covered cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ethereum, and the blockchain extensively on this show… yet one of the biggest issues that many professionals in the world of payments and fintech continue to raise is that of volatility. Volatility makes cryptocurrency adoption in traditional financial and commerce spaces incredibly challenging.

Fortunately stablecoins offer potential solutions to this problem, and that’s what Scott explores with several guests this week. Scott is joined by three experts from a fintech startup called Stably. Amiya Diwan (Chief Product Officer), Bryan Guy (Chief Legal and Compliance Officer), and Kory Hoang (CEO) each had incredible insight to share on stablecoins and how their company is aiming to bring unite crypto and payments.

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode:

  • What stablecoins are and why they offer so much potential to the world of payments.
  • How Stably got it’s start, and how it functionally fits into the payments and currency ecosystems.
  • Stably’s value proposition for ISOs, and how ISOs can in turn make the pitch for stablecoins to merchants.
  • Amiya, Bryan, and Kory’s thoughts on the present and future of cryptocurrencies.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments Industry Spotlight: Stably

“Stably is building the foundation for the blockchain economy through StableUSD (USDS), a regulated and transparent stablecoin.

StableUSD (USDS) is a fiat-collateralized stablecoin created by Stably, Inc. Each StableUSD token is legally backed and redeemable for a US Dollar held in FDIC-insured escrow accounts managed by our fiduciary custodians, such as Prime Trust.

The biggest and most obvious problem with using popular cryptocurrencies for transactional purposes at the moment is price volatility. By making StableUSD redeemable and pegged 1-to-1 with US dollars, we can virtually eliminate volatility while still retaining many useful characteristics of a cryptocurrency – including fast transaction speed, anonymity, and immutability.”