Payments for High Risk Industries Ineligible for Credit Card Processing with Jordan Friedman of Zodaka

We’re very familiar with high risk industries here at Soar Payments… but there are still industries that we can’t work with for traditional credit card processing, such as legal cannabis and (recently) CBD. If you’re a legal business that has tremendous difficulty finding credit card processing, is cash the only opition?

The answer to that is a firm, “no” thanks to a company like Zodaka… which offers payments solutions for high risk businesses like those in the Cannabis industry and more. Scott was joined by one of the founders of Zodaka and current CEO, Jordan Friedman who had a lot to say about payments for high risk businesses, how Zodaka works, and fintech in general.

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode:

  • Why cannabis, CBD, and other high risk businesses have such challenges getting set up to accept credit cards.
  • How Zodaka got started and functions to help these high risk businesses accept payments from customers.
  • Why merchants thinking “I’ll just stick with cash” instead of pursuing alternative payment methods can harm their bottom line.
  • Jordan’s thoughts on the present and future of payments and fintech.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments Industry Spotlight: Zodaka

“Zodaka is a software company based in Oakland, CA specializing in high-risk payments and banking, primarily in the cannabis and CBD industries. Zodaka merchant accounts are totally domestic, entirely compliant, will never require rolling reserves, and don’t allow for chargebacks. Zodaka is like a debit card, just without the card! Our API enables customers to pay online retailers directly from their bank accounts without going through any credit or debit card system. Sign up today at or shoot us an email at today.”