Using Fintech to Revolutionize the Web with Stefan Thomas of Coil

Financial technology offers boundless opportunity for innovation… and with cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, instant payments, and more it’s never been easier to re-think existing systems. On this show, Scott is joined by a Stefan Thomas who has founded a company, Coil, that aims to completely revolutionize the way the web works.

Stefan has a deep background in fintech…introducing millions of people to Bitcoin, and was in charge of the technology for the third largest cryptocurrency (Ripple). Now his mission is to help creators/businesses monetize their content in more effective and sustainable ways. His insight helps drive one of the most fascinating conversations on PayPod yet!

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode:

  • Stefan’s story of getting into the world of cryptocurrencies, learning more about fintech, and eventually founding Coil.
  • How and why Coil aims to revolutionize the way the web is monetized.
  • Why Stefan “hates” (or more accurately, has criticisms for) the blockchain.
  • What Stefan sees in the future for technologies role in payments, crypto, and more.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments Industry Spotlight: Coil

Coil was founded in 2018 by Stefan Thomas, former CTO of Ripple, to build a better business model for the web. Coil’s platform is designed to make it easy for creators to monetize their content across the internet. As subscribing fans enjoy content, Coil uses an open API called Web Monetization to stream micropayments to creators in real time. The platform supports creators, including writers and journalists, video creators, podcasters, streamers, musicians, photographers, and artists. For more information about Coil, please visit and follow Coil on its creator page and on Twitter (@Coil).