Rethinking Company Card Usage with Andrew Jamison of Extend

Running a business in this day and age often necessitates the use of a company card for business purchases. Yet, there is inherent risk in passing the company card information around to employees and contractors. Fortunately, there now exists a fintech solution to simplify company card usage, making it more secure, and easier to control spending…

Scott was joined on this episode by Andrew Jamison, who is the CEO of Extend. Extend is a platform which enables business cardholders to instantly share their credit card with employees and freelancers without ever exposing their card number or losing control over spend. Listen in as Scott and Andrew chat about how companies use business cards, and how Extend is helping drive innovation in this field forward.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode:

  • How Andrew ended up Co-founding and being CEO of Extend, including the company story.
  • Why business cards carry inherent risk when being used by employees, and why it’s a huge problem to be solved.
  • Andrew’s thoughts on digital security, and how Extend Payments puts their security philosophies into action.
  • Andrew’s thoughts on the future of mobile payments and financial technology.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments & Fintech Spotlight: Extend

Extend is a credit card distribution platform, created in partnership with banks and card networks, that enables both cardholders and designated recipients to securely and instantly send and receive temporary virtual credit cards. Extend offers two main products: an app for businesses that want to instantly give their employees and contractors a secure means of payment, and a suite of APIs for incumbents and startups to leverage virtual credit cards. Founded in 2017 by Andrew Jamison, Danny Morrow, and Guillaume Bouvard – industry veterans with decades of experience at Fortune 500 companies, including American Express and Capital One – Extend is headquartered in Manhattan, and has raised $14m to date. For more information visit