Effective Sales Strategies for Merchant Services with Jared Spears of Gravity Payments

If you’re in the world of Payments or Fintech, you may find yourself working with merchants…. Business owners and individuals who are potentially interested in your services (such as payment processing, billing, payroll, and so on). How do you break through all the noise? How do you present your offerings in a compelling way with competition that’s only increasing?

On this episode, Jared Spears, a sales rep for Gravity Payments joins Scott to discuss how to reach merchants with your services. Gravity Payments offers credit card processing options for merchants, and is also notable for their CEO who raised the minimum salary of all employees to $70,000. Scott and Jared discuss this and much more – listen in!

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode:

  • How Dan Price’s pledge (CEO of Gravity Payments) to set the minimum salary of every employee to $70,000 impacted both the business and company culture.
  • Why Jared and Gravity Payments don’t think of it as “sales” for merchant services, but partnerships.
  • How to deal with difficult merchants and turn bad experiences into positive ones.
  • Jared’s thoughts on the payments landscape today, and where Gravity Payments and the payments industry itself is going.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments & Fintech Spotlight: Gravity Payments

From Gravity Payments: “Independent-business owners hate dealing with payment-services companies because they feel like they won’t get honesty, fair prices, or quality service. Too often they’re right. But Gravity Payments was founded to change that. We stand the little guy or gal who believes in the American Dream and is willing to work to chase it. Gravity offers total visibility into payments, silky smooth POS integrations, 24/7 in-house human support, and custom-fit financial services. Plus, there’s a small army of business specialists devoted to serving you. The upshot? Business owners can relax and run their businesses with confidence.”