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Recruiting Talent in Fintech and Payments with Marc Badalucco of IMPACT Payments Recruiting

Careers in the payments and fintech industries are far reaching and unique. Opportunities can be found everywhere… be they with ISOs, acquirers, banks, payfacs, fintech startups, and more. But how do you find those opportunities?

Our guest on this episode has significant knowledge about the world of recruiting in fintech and payments. Marc Badalucco is the managing partner and recruiting expert for IMPACT Payments Recruiting, a recruitment agency specializing in the payments, e-commerce and fintech industry. Since 2000, they have been the Payments, Cards, and Fintech industries most trusted recruitment partner; touting the largest database of payments professionals worldwide (110,000+).

Listen in to Scott’s and Marc’s discussion about successful careers and job opportunities in payments and fintech!

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • What IMPACT Payments Recruiting is all about, and how Marc joined their team.
  • What fintech and payments businesses need to know in order to attract the best talent.
  • What areas in payments and fintech are seeing the most growth, and how to make sure you’re a candidate that stands out.
  • Marc’s thoughts on the future of payments, what mistakes candidates should avoid when interviewing for a position, and more.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

IMPACT Payments Recruiting

Imagine a firm small enough to meet your every need, yet armed with a network that out-rivals larger firms. Since 2000, IMPACT Payments Recruiting has been the most trusted recruiting partner of the Payments, Cards and Fintech industries. Our team is comprised of industry veterans that have worked for some of the largest payments companies in the world which help us intimately understand your needs to not only attract, but retain the talent you seek. We provide our partners exclusive access to the most sought after professionals and build out effective recruitment strategies – saving you time and money by finding the right fit, the first time.

Whether you need to hire in executive leadership, product management, business development, sales, relationship management, operations, finance, risk/fraud management, compliance, or IT, our senior recruiting team is here to help.