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Exploring PCI Compliance and Payments with Mark Kelly of Key IVR

When it comes to the payments industry, security and compliance (specifically PCI compliance) are crucial topics to understand.

Why is security and compliance so important? What are the consequences for not getting it right? What does PCI compliance even mean?

To answer these critical questions and more, we were joined by Mark Kelly, who is the COO at Key IVR. Key IVR offers automated payment services in the UK and internationally through Europe and into the United States. Furthermore, they offer affordable, secure payment solutions to help you achieve PCI Compliance – including Automated IVR, Call Center Payments and Outbound SMS & Voice.

Listen in for Mark’s unique insight into this topic.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • The story behind Key IVR, and how they help their clients.
  • What PCI Compliance is, and why it’s so important for any payments organization to focus on security and compliance.
  • How it’s possible to get compliant, improve data protection, and beyond… in a cost-neutral way.
  • Mark’s thoughts on the present and future of payments and PCI compliance.
  • With a whole bunch more!

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Key IVR provides secure cloud payment solutions to organisations and contact centres across the globe, protecting hundreds of businesses and their customers.

Businesses can increase their revenue and conversion rate by taking PCI-DSS compliant card payments over the phone, with an automated IVR, on the web, via SMS or on a mobile app.