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Winning the Banking Fraud Battle with Adam Elliott of ID Insight

Preventing account takeover and new account fraud is one of the biggest challenges the banking world faces today. Fortunately, there are great organizations out there helping banks and others win the battle.

On this episode, we explore this with the help of Adam Elliott, President and Founder of ID Insight. Adam has more than 20 years of experience creating solutions for the financial services and direct marketing industries. Prior to launching ID Insight, he was the President of ChexSystems, Inc., a subsidiary of FIS, the recognized leader in providing risk and fraud solutions for the retail banking industry. He managed the analytics function, product management and channel strategy functions, and is credited with leading the next generation of product solutions, resulting in double digit growth for this mature $100-million business.

Listen in for his unique window into the world of banking fraud prevention!

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • An overview of the challenges banks face when it comes to new account fraud and account takeover fraud.
  • The story behind ID Insight, and how they help organizations combat identity fraud.
  • Why reducing customer friction while also providing helpful anti-fraud tools is key.
  • What the future of fraud prevention technology looks like, and how it will continue to impact the banking world.
  • With much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

ID Insight Inc.

ID Insight is on the front lines in the fight against identity fraud. Only ID Insight has a fraud intelligence platform combining patented analytics with massive consortium and identity datasets to stay ahead of emerging fraud schemes. Since 2003, thousands of banks and credit unions, as well as credit issuers, retailers, and healthcare companies have relied on ID Insight’s platform-based solutions to mitigate the damaging effects of account takeover and new-account fraud. Watch ID Insight’s intro video.

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