Online Investment Advisory and Education with Bhanu Laul of iMarche

Many people are simply overwhelmed with the prospect of investing… Some don’t have the time or knowledge to choose what to buy/sell, while others are stuck spending exorbitant fees to barely keep pace with the market.

Could technology offer an educational solution and make traditional financial advisors obsolete?

On this episode, we cover the keys to investing using online tools with the help of our guest Bhanu Laul. Bhanu is the Co-Founder of iMarche, a Canadian Startup aiming to be Canada’s first ever online investment advisory and aggregator platform. They also boast a Financial Education arm called iMarche Learn where they teach basic finance to our audience in the simplest way.

Listen in as Bhanu shares his perspective on revolutionizing the way individual investors approach the markets!

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode:

  • The story behind iMarche, and how they leverage tech and data to provide online investment advisory.
  • What the keys to providing a quality user experience in any mobile application are.
  • How to effectively navigate the many financial regulations that exist while providing investment information.
  • Why portfolio managers may see their investing role diminish over time with improved tools for individual investors.
  • With so much more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments & Fintech Spotlight: iMarche

iMarche is a Canadian Online Investment advisory and aggregator service based out of Toronto. iMarche was conceived with a mission to make investing easier, cheaper and more transparent for millenials. iMarche is trying to upend the entire advisory chain by taking it all online, and presenting the information in an unbiased manner, by merging DIY investing along with some elements of advice. They are trying to redefine the void space between Robo and physical advisors.

Besides that, they also have a FinEd Platform, iMarche Learning, where they try to make Finance and Economics easier, to empower the investors to take the end decisions themselves, without having to rely on advisors.

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