Bankruptcy Alternatives 101 with Travis Siflinger of FluxCredit

Debt, bankruptcy, and subsequent negative impacts on credit are difficult challenges many people face in any economic climate. In the wake of Covid-19, job losses and economic uncertainty has impacted millions more individuals… making declaring bankruptcy a seemingly inevitable solution.

The good news is that there are alternatives to bankruptcy, and some of these alternatives leverage fintech and unique services to help people not only tackle debt, but potentially avoid bankruptcy altogether.

We explore bankruptcy alternatives on this episode with the help of Travis Siflinger, VP of Business Development at FluxCredit. FluxCredit is a fintech backed solution helping American consumers eliminate their debts and perfect their credit.

Listen in for Travis’ unique insight.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode:

  • What the downsides to bankruptcy are, and how pursuing bankruptcy alternatives can be a great solution for many individuals.
  • The story behind FluxCredit, and how they utilize technology to better serve their customers.
  • How FluxCredit offers credit card solutions that can help those with poor credit begin to rebuild it.
  • Travis’ thoughts on payments today, and what the future holds.
  • With so much more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments & Fintech Spotlight: FluxCredit

“FluxCredit™ is a BBB accredited, all-inclusive solution to legally eliminate debts, perfect your credit & earn cash back towards a VISA secured credit card. FluxCredit offers a unique range of financial products and services to help Americans with debt challenges save money and improve their credit. Everyone’s situation is different – A Personal Concierge will be assigned to work with the consumer to design a tailor-made program that would work best for them. With the aid of our technology, we make the process very easy. We can help with current or past due credit card debts, lawsuits, garnishments, student loans, evictions, repossessions and so much more. We even help those who have no credit!”

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