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The Power of Biometrically Verified Digital ID with Alastair Johnson of Nuggets

The continued rise of digital transactions and contactless deliveries have made identification is more important than ever…

How can organizations verify who their customers are and serve them with confidence? How can consumers verify who they are and protect themselves against fraudsters?

These are important challenges, and technology offers unique solutions… particularly biometric technology.

This episode we explore this with the help of Alastair Johnson. Alastair is working to remove much of the friction from ID verification processes with a biometrically verified digital ID being rolled out through his company Nuggets. Listen in as Alastair breaks down the power of this technology, where it’s headed, and more.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • What biometrically verified digital ID is, and why it matters .
  • How Covid-19’s ongoing impact makes this identification even more important.
  • How biometric technology companies like Nuggets can strike the balance between privacy, security, and innovation.
  • Alastair’s thoughts on the present and future landscape of payments and fintech.
  • With so much more!

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Nuggets is an award-winning self-sovereign payments and ID platform, storing personal and payment data securely with blockchain, so users can login, pay and verify without having to share data with anyone.

For consumers, Nuggets makes life simpler, faster and safer. For businesses, it spells the end of costly, damaging data breaches – as well as massively reducing fraud and false positives, and the number of sales lost to complex checkout processes.

Nuggets has received public backing from the UK Department for International Trade, The Mayor of London, and The City of London. Nuggets was the only consumer-ready blockchain company selected by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for POC testing within their regulatory sandbox.