Digital Banking for Freelancers and Small Businesses with Hussein Ahmed of Oxygen

One of the blind spots of traditional banks is their treatment of non-traditional workers when it comes to financial services. If an individual is a freelancer, small business owner, or otherwise participating in the “gig economy”… sometimes getting basic financial services such as loans can be difficult to obtain.

Fortunately, challenger banks and other fintechs are stepping up to fulfill the needs of freelancers and entrepreneurs. Joining us to discuss this in detail is Hussein Ahmed, the CEO of Oxygen.

Originally from Egypt, Hussein is an Entrepreneur who has started successful businesses and raised millions in venture capital, and built as well as managed large cross-functional teams in engineering, marketing, and data analytics. He founded Oxygen after realizing that there are a lot of problems to still solve within the traditional finance sector.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode:

  • Why traditional banking struggles to consistently serve freelancers and small business owners..
  • The story behind Oxygen, and how the simple sign up process works.
  • Why we’re shifting to a cashless society, as well as Hussein’s thoughts on the future of banking.
  • How neobanks and traditional financial institutions can coexist and grow.
  • With so much more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments & Fintech Spotlight: Oxygen

Oxygen is a modern financial platform designed for the 21st century economy – the digital-natives looking for a banking partner that understands how they live and work – providing a seamless user experience for both personal and business accounts in a way that makes them feel in their element. Available on iOS and Android, Oxygen users enjoy no monthly fees, no paperwork, early direct deposit, simple transfers, and cashback rewards on everyday purchases from approved merchants. Businesses can easily control their finances with integrated expense management and invoicing solutions that are elegant, simple and secure.

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