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Mobile Fintech Trends in 2021 with Gerhard Oosthuizen of Entersekt

More than ever before, people are using their mobile phones for banking, payments, managing their finances, and beyond. This has massive implications for so many industries, and also brings into question issues of security and privacy.

On this episode, we’re joined by another expert guest from the company Entersekt, which provides mobile-first fintech solutions. Gerhard Oosthuizen is the Chief Technology Officer at Entersekt and provides his unique perspective on the latest trends in mobile fintech. In his role as CTO he is responsible for Innovation, R&D and rolling out strategic initiatives to their customers. He also drives their technology alliances and industry collaboration.

Listen in to learn what to expect from mobile fintech in 2021!

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • What some of the most significant developments are in the world of mobile payments, innovation, and security right now.
  • How Covid-19 has impacted mobile fintech in 2020, and what the continued impact in 2021 may be.
  • Gerhard’s advice on how to stand out with mobile products and services in a crowded fintech industry.
  • Gerhard’s thoughts on the future of payments and fintech.
  • With so much more!

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Entersekt is an innovator of mobile-first fintech solutions. Financial services providers and other enterprises rely on its patented mobile identity system to provide both security and the best in convenient new digital experiences to their customers, irrespective of the service channel. Whether pursuing compliance through strong authentication and state-of-the-art app security or looking to meet consumer demand for on-the-go information sharing and payment capabilities, Entersekt’s clients always enjoy a competitive advantage.