International Payments and Liquidity with Khawar Ali of KFX Services

Moving capital between countries presents unique challenges, and the regulatory landscape is constantly shifting. This can present liquidity obstacles that organizations, and especially high net worth individuals may need help overcoming.

Fortunately, there are fintech-focused services offering solutions to these challenges. Helping to explore this is our guest, Khawar Ali, who is CEO and Co-Founder at AdvisoryKONNECT & KFX Services. KFX Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of AdvisoryKONNECT, a premier advisory firm with over 30 years of combined global sourcing and investment expertise. Over the years, AdvisoryKONNECT has been supporting and investing in a number of Fintechs, leveraging their relationship with the finance and tech world.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode:

  • The story behind KFX Services, and how they help high net worth individuals and others navigate the payments and regulatory environment globally.
  • Why issues with KYC regulations, and lacking access to effective banking solutions can be so costly for those trying to expand globally.
  • Khawar’s thoughts on cryptocurrency from an international payments perspective.
  • What ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is, and how that technology can help significantly with liquidity.
  • With so much more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments and Fintech Industry Spotlight: KFX Services

“Headquartered in London, KFX Services serves HNWI and global enterprises providing payment and financing solutions around world.

KFX was initially founded in 2018 as an incubated Fintech startup within AdvisoryKONNECT.

At a time where the world was witnessing a massive drop in solutions offering for non corporates around the world, we decided to enter the global liquidity market. Bringing together our expertise in building business and bringing together a group of technologists and banking individuals, we launched KFX Services within six months.

Over the last two years we have made huge improvements to our payments platform, increasing liquidity solutions, whilst maintaining a competitive advantage. Today we have the ability to offer banking solutions on top of our cross-border payment solutions and have created our financing propositions.

Our vision is to bring our banking solutions to everyone whilst maintaining three core principals – Security, Transparency and Efficiency – with the help of our service KFX Spark. Our goal is to spark international receivable and payments into a revenue opportunity, not a cost centre.

Providing unparalleled access to global payment networks is the key to allow our customers to get to market quickly, focus on expanding their business and illuminate their international success. With KFX Services on their side, our customers are able to be open to more markets solutions.”

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