Property Management Solutions for DIY Landlords with Eachan Fletcher of NestEgg

Fintech and payments continue to revolutionize all kinds of industries. On this podcast, we focus in on how an app and suite of tools is making it easier than ever for DIY Landlords to grow their portfolio of rental properties.

Our guest is Eachan Fletcher, Founder & CEO of NestEgg ( App Store | Google Play). NestEgg is a DIY app for landlords making the uberization of real estate management a reality for the 12M small mom-and-pop landlords in the US. Leveraging technology and unique financial and payments solutions, NestEgg is helping landlords and tenants have successful agreements and living situations.

Prior to NestEgg, Eachan was formerly CTO at Expedia and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Listen in!

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode:

  • What the biggest challenges DIY Landlords face are, and how NestEgg can help them be overcome.
  • What financial and marketplace solutions helped 98% of NestEgg landlords to receive rent on time during COVID-19.
  • How startups offering fintech software and other similar services can maximize growth.
  • Eachan’s thoughts on how the Real Estate and rental industries will look in a future continually shaped by fintech.
  • With so much more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments and Fintech Industry Spotlight: NestEgg

NestEgg is a fintech software company automating long term rentals for growth-minded landlords and providing them with financial certainty. NestEgg provides landlords with guaranteed rent collection and assurance – giving landlords complete rent payment on the 1st of every month regardless of when their residents pay. NestEgg also provides landlords with the option to defer the cost of maintenance over 2, 4, or 6 months of interest-free payments with NestEgg Pay and lastly, with NestEgg’s optional insurance product, landlords have the ultimate reliability to keep cash flow consistent if residents can’t complete payments.

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