Open Banking and APIs with Eyal Sivan of Axway

The open banking movement is really central much of the change in the products and services offered by banks (particularly digital). In many people’s view, open banking truly represents the future of the financial world.

Our guest helping us explore all the latest in open banking and APIs is Eyal Sivan. Eyal is the Head of Open Banking at Axway, where he is responsible for positioning Axway as the number one thought leader and integration solution provider in the open banking space. Eyal also hosts a show called Mr Open Banking where he explores various topics under the open banking umbrella in each episode.

Listen along to learn about the latest in open banking.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode:

  • What open banking really means and why it is so transformative to the entire financial world.
  • What an API is exactly.
  • The story behind Axway, and how they provide solutions to help unlock the possibilities of open banking.
  • Why it’s critical for fintechs developing transformative tools to keep developers happy.
  • Eyal’s thoughts on the future of open banking, Axway, and the larger fintech world.
  • With so much more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments and Fintech Spotlight: Axway

“Axway gives heritage IT infrastructure new life, helping more than 11,000 customers worldwide build on what they already have to digitally transform, add new business capabilities, and drive growth.

With our Amplify API Management Platform —the only open, independent platform for managing and governing APIs across teams, the hybrid cloud, and third-party solutions — we help companies move forward faster, reach new markets, and create brilliant digital experiences.

Our MFT and B2B integration solutions have been trusted for 20 years. Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA) employs over 1,800 people in 18 countries”

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