M&A Activity in Payments and Fintech with Lawrence Lee of Baker McKenzie

It’s no secret that the payments and fintech industry offers huge opportunities for businesses, founders, and employees. Many of these opportunities come in the form of mergers, acquisitions, and even IPOs.

On this episode, Lawrence Lee, partner with the Baker McKenzie law firm, joins to discuss all things M&As in the fintech world. Lawrence was also a formerly in-house counsel for the digital currency exchange Coinbase, and has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share on the landscape.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode:

  • Why M&As are so crucial in the worlds of payments and fintech.
  • What the current M&A landscape looks like, and what company movements are making a significant impact.
  • Lawrence’s thoughts on the cryptocurrency landscape, partially through the lens of his time as Coinbase’s in-house counsel.
  • Why talent and expertise offer significant benefits in mergers and acquisitions that can even bring more value than pure financial considerations.
  • Lawrence’s thoughts on the future of payments and fintech, including M&A activity.
  • With so much more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments and Fintech Spotlight: Baker McKenzie

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