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Bitcoin Kiosks With Neil Bergquist Of Coinme

Accessibility is one of the biggest challenges facing crypto adoption. Fortunately, there are fintechs working to solve the issue. Neil Bergquist, Co-founder and CEO of Coinme joins to share the story of this Bitcoin Kiosk company. They have partnered with Coinstar as well as Moneygram to enable people to exchange their cash for crypto in an easy and frictionless way.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • Why greater accessibility for digital currencies is so crucial.
  • The story behind Coinme, and how they help increase digital currency accessibility with cash-to-crypto on ramps and off ramps.
  • What the keys are to finding and establishing successful partnerships in the payments and fintech world.
  • Neil’s thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency, bitcoin kiosks, fintech, and beyond.
  • With so much more!

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Coinme operates the largest licensed cryptocurrency cash exchange in the U.S. Founded in 2014 with the simple belief that buying digital currencies should be easy and accessible to everyone, today Coinme powers over 20,000 physical locations to buy and sell bitcoin using cash through partnerships with Coinstar and MoneyGram. The company offers an enterprise-grade API that helps “crypto-enable” legacy financial systems, and a vertically integrated suite of consumer products that provide an easy and secure way to buy, sell, store and manage digital currencies. For more information, visit