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On-demand Pay Benefits With Kayling Gaver of Tapcheck

We’ve all gotten used to this idea that you only receive paychecks at certain times of the month, and not necessarily when you actually worked the hours. But from a business and employee perspective, is that ideal?

Listen along as Kayling Gaver, Co-founder and COO of Tapcheck joins the show to explore the benefits of on-demand pay and share her company’s story.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • Why on-demand pay solutions are so impactful for both employees and employers.
  • The story behind Tapcheck, and how their simple implementation process works.
  • How Tapcheck handles integrations and makes sure their on-demand pay solutions are as accessible as possible.
  • Why financial education resources are something any fintech or finance organization should consider providing their customers.
  • Kayling’s thoughts on the future of on demand pay, payments, and more.
  • With so much more!

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Innovating the fintech industry, Tapcheck is a financial wellness benefit that allows employees to access their earnings before payday. Available at no cost to employers, Tapcheck uses an intuitive mobile app to provide paychecks on-demand. This gives workers greater control over their finances while reducing stress at home and increasing their productivity at work. With an average 30% month-over-month revenue growth, Tapcheck seamlessly integrates into existing payroll programs. Employers who incorporate on-demand earnings into their employee benefits packages find it to be a cost-effective way to distinguish their company from competitors, reduce turnover rates, and provide the financial flexibility that employees want. To learn more, please visit https://www.tapcheck.com/ .