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The Keys To Credit Union Success With Dr. David Tuyo Of UCU

Credit Unions play a pivotal role in the financial world, and can offer incredible benefits for their members. Still, in a landscape that is increasingly digital and more competitive than ever, how can Credit Unions have sustained success?

Dr. David Tuyo, CEO of University Credit Union (UCU), has helped his Credit Union navigate a sometimes challenging landscape (particularly in the wake of COVID19). Listen in as he offers up his unique perspective and insights on Credit Union success.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • Why credit unions still play a unique and pivotal role in the world of banking and finance.
  • The story behind UCU and how they provide key services for their members.
  • What lessons UCU learned in the wake of COVID19, and how they could help members in ways other banks couldn’t.
  • Which technologies and strategies have been most effective for driving UCUs success in a constantly shifting landscape.
  • David’s thoughts on the future of credit unions, fintech, payments, and beyond.
  • With so much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

University Credit Union (UCU)

University Credit Union, a federally-insured financial cooperative, was founded in 1951 on UCLA’s campus by faculty and staff. Serving more than 40,000 members, UCU has become a leading credit union in the United States. UCU is guided by a board of directors, comprised only of faculty, staff and alumni of the university community. UCU’s core purpose is to give members a financial edge in life, along with the Credit Union’s promise to advocate, educate and innovate, help position UCU as a financial partner to the university community.

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