Solving Spend Management Problems With Thejo Kote of Airbase

Many companies struggle with wasted time and effort around bill payments, spend management, and other accounting processes related to expenditures. Airbase (App Store | Google Play ) aims to solve these problems by bringing these important mechanisms all under one roof. Listen along as Airbase Founder Thejo Kote joins the show to explore.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode:

  • Why managing spend and having quality accounting software is so crucial for businesses.
  • The story behind Airbase, and how they provide innovative solutions to help companies with spend management.
  • What makes Airbase’s bill payments feature so uniquely powerful.
  • Where spend management will be taken with the help of technology in the years to come.
  • Thejo’s thoughts on the payments and fintech landscape, and where it’s all headed.
  • With so much more!

Featured on the Show:

Payments and Fintech Spotlight: Airbase

Airbase is the only spend management platform for small and midsize businesses that brings together three products — comprehensive accounts payable automation, a software-enabled corporate card program, and fully automated employee expense reimbursement — into one system. Spend management is a different approach and a new way of thinking about how companies spend money. It shifts the relationship between employees and the budget by building accountability into fast-paced workflows and supporting ownership of spending, which are especially vital for a distributed workforce.

Customized approval workflows ensure the appropriate routing and compliance with company policies for every purchase. Accounting automation tools for scheduling, accruing, and categorizing transactions save time and improve accuracy. Payment types include virtual cards, physical cards, checks, ACH, and vendor credits from one control center. When every dollar of non-payroll spend is handled on one platform, real-time spending against the budget can be viewed at any time by all stakeholders.

Finance teams in small and midsize companies are underserved by existing process automation tools for accounts payable and expense management. The resulting cobbled-together solutions, inefficient processes, and manual workflows place strain on finance teams and can confuse or frustrate employees. Current practices can stymie growth, degrade decision-making, and relegate finance staff to manual work. Airbase gives companies the efficiencies they need to grow from founding all the way to IPO without compromising functionality. Airbase modern spend management unlocks trapped talent, provides visibility and control over all non-payroll spend, shortens the close, and provides better budget management.

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