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Frictionless Mobile Payments With Will Graylin Of OV Loop

Contactless payment solutions, and particularly mobile payments, continue to rise. Beyond that, the need for a completely frictionless mobile experience uniting payments, banking, and beyond has become more apparent than ever. How can fintechs and payments organizations rise to meet this demand?

Will Graylin, Founder and CEO of OV Loop joins the show to share his company’s story and his vision for bringing all of the financial and payments accounts consumers have into one frictionless, highly secure, digital wallet experience.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • Why mobile payments and frictionless mobile experiences matter.
  • The story behind OV Loop, and how the platform is working to reduce friction and improve experiences in payments, finance, and beyond.
  • What the keys are to developing mobile tools that consumers readily adopt, and businesses want to utilize.
  • Will’s vision for a frictionless, secure, privacy-focused, payments and financial ecosystem with OV Loop at its heart.
  • Will’s thoughts on the future of payments and fintech in general.
  • With so much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

OV Loop

“OV Loop is a connected commerce platform company, founded by the proven fintech innovators that started Samsung Pay®, LoopPay®, Roam Data® and Hypercom®, whose payment inventions are already being used by hundreds of millions of consumers and tens of millions of merchants around the world. OV Loop provides safer and smoother commerce experiences for consumers and businesses. The OV Loop app is a personal credential manager and messenger for consumers to safely store their digital credentials (payment cards, bank accounts, passwords) and easily use them virtually everywhere (in-store, online, in-app & in-message.) OV Concierge™ is a collections and support tool for businesses to deliver more convenient and cost effective 3-in-1 (invoice/pay/chat) commerce messages to their customers, across virtually any channel, to improve commerce experiences and relationships.”