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The Gig Economy And Financial Services With Matt Spoke Of Moves

The massive growth of gig workers has transformed the way many think about careers themselves. But gig workers have different needs, particularly on the financial and banking side than many traditional workers.

Fortunately, fintechs are stepping up to directly service them… but how is it being done, and what’s to come in the future? Matt Spoke, CEO of Moves ( App Store | Google Play ), the only all-in-one financial app helping gig workers manage their business and get ahead, joins to discuss.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • Why the gig economy is so critical to service, particularly for financial organizations.
  • What AB 5 is and how it lead to the creation of Moves.
  • How Moves helps gig workers better track their earnings and manage their finances in general.
  • How Moves approaches UX design, and providing users with a frictionless sign up experience.
  • Matt’s thoughts on the future of the gig economy, payments, and beyond.
  • With so much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight


“Moves is a financial services platform for independent “gig” workers. Overlooked or ineligible for products offered by traditional financial institutions, this rapidly expanding demographic needs modern financial products designed to support them on their paths to career fulfillment.

Without relying on outdated credit scores, our products are designed so that we can get to know our users better over time, and help them establish a new financial reputation.”