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Fintech Product Growth Insights With Paul Garibian Of Nota

There is no shortage of fintech products these days… more organizations than ever before are leveraging technology to revolutionize payments, banking, finance, and beyond.

But when it comes to fintech products, what are the keys to long term growth and adoption?

Paul Garibian, president of Nota. Nota is M&T Bank’s fintech solution for attorneys joins the show to discuss. Paul has spent nearly 20 years helping financial institutions drive product development and grow revenue and market share

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • What can go wrong if an organization is not focusing on fintech product development and growth from the beginning.
  • The story behind Nota, and how it’s development process helped it to become so successful.
  • What some of the most effective approaches to marketing and growth for fintech, as well as payments products, are.
  • How to break through the noise with any financial product.
  • Paul’s thoughts on the future fintech landscape, and what kinds of products may see true success.
  • With so much more!

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Nota by M&T Bank leverages proprietary technology to provide business banking built for solo law firms. Designed with insights from real attorneys, Nota focuses on user support and the user experience to offer a banking solution that integrates into the workflow of a law firm. Everything from reviewing balances, transaction categorization and trust compliance to account transfers and checks, Nota gives attorneys the support and efficiency gains of a dedicated banking solution. Nota is committed to delivering transparent pricing, simplified account management with integrations to firm tools, as well as concierge service from bankers dedicated to supporting attorneys.