High Risk Merchant Accounts For Ontraport

High Risk Merchant Accounts For Ontraport

Get A High Risk Merchant Account That Seamlessly Integrates With Your Ontraport Account.

About OntraPort: Ontraport is a popular CRM and marketing automation platform for small businesses. The company was founded in 2006 by Landon Ray, and is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. Ontraport has over 100 company employees and also hosts events including ONTRApalooza (OPLZA), an annual conference for Ontraport users.


Why Do Some Ontraport Users Need A High Risk Merchant Account?

Ontraport users sometimes need an alternative credit card processing solution (rather than Stripe, PayPal, etc.) for one of the following reasons:

  • 1

    Industry Is High Risk
    Your Ontraport “store” sells some products within industries that “mainstream” merchant account providers such as Stripe and PayPal categorize as “high risk.” This categorization is up to these providers’ discretion (and may change over time), but in general, a “high risk” categorization may encompass industries such as supplements & nutraceuticals, vape products, firearms accessories, etc.

  • 2

    Previous Chargebacks

    Your previous merchant account received multiple chargebacks within a relatively small sample size of orders. Depending on your Ontraport ecommerce order volume, even two or three chargebacks within a month could trigger an automated or manual review of your merchant account.

Why Do So Many Ontraport Users Choose Soar Payments For Their Credit Card Processing?

  • Soar Payments specializes in merchant accounts for high risk and hard to place businesses. So your unique ecommerce business can get approved and processing “ASAP.”
  • It’s easy to integrate a Soar Payments merchant account with your Ontraport account. The process takes about five minutes (and we can even walk you through it!)
  • You will automatically receive our Industry Minimum Pricing (even if your business operates in a high risk industry). Get simple, transparent pricing (and no hidden fees).
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    How To Integrate A New Merchant Account & Payment Gateway With Your Ontraport Account

    Ontraport supports integration with many of the most popular payment gateways, including Authorize.net, Authorize.net CIM, eWAY, eWAY Rapid, Elavon (Virtual Merchant), Network Merchants Inc. (NMI), Payleap, Payjunction, PayPal, Payflow Pro, PayPal Payments Pro, QuickBooks (QBMS), Stripe, Stripe Token, USA ePay and WorldPay.

    Soar Payments high risk merchant accounts use either an Authorize.net, Network Merchants Inc. (NMI), or USAePay integrated payment gateway. Thus, when you get a high risk merchant account with Soar Payments, integrating it with your Ontraport account is easy. (Note: Keep reading to learn how!)

    Here is the five step process to integrate a third party merchant account & payment gateway with your Ontraport account:

    Setup the Dummy Gateway within Ontraport. Navigate to Sales > Settings > Payment Gateways, click “New Gateway”, and select “Dummy Gateway”.
    Login to your payment gateway and configure its settings. For instance, disable or set to “not required” CVV or CVS checking.

    Now that your payment gateway is configured, again navigate within Ontraport to Sales > Settings > Payment Gateways, click “New Gateway”, and select your real payment gateway. (If you are approved for a Soar Payments high risk merchant account, you will be assigned a payment gateway with either NMI, Auth.net or USAePay. Just select this payment gateway from the dropdown list.)
    Provide the integration details obtained from the individual gateway. (These are provided in your Welcome Email from Soar Payments, after you are approved for your high risk merchant account.)

    Don’t forget to set your currency options! These are available when you navigate within Ontraport to Administration > Data > Localization.

    Now you’re all set. Don’t forget to run a few test transactions!

    Resources & Links For High Risk Ontraport Merchants

    Here are some resources you may find helpful if your business uses the Ontraport marketing automation platform, and you’ve been categorized as “high risk.”

  • Payment Gateways: Knowledge base at Support.Ontraport.com.
  • Integrating a Payment Gateway: Knowledge base at Support.Ontraport.com.
  • Integrating with Authorize.net: Knowledge base at Support.Ontraport.com.
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    ​​​Why Should I Choose Soar Payments?

    Why Are We #1? Because Every Client Gets Our Three Guarantees: 

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