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High Risk Merchant Accounts For Shopify

An Overview

Get A High Risk Merchant Account That Seamlessly Integrates With Your Shopify Store.

Shopify is a Canadian company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. The company was founded in 2006 and is one of the world’s leading hosted ecommerce platforms. The Shopify platform hosts over 600,000 active stores, driving $82 Billion worth of sales, across all kinds of industries.

High Risk Merchant Account Shopify

Why Do Some Shopify Users Need A High Risk Merchant Account?

Shopify users sometimes need an alternative to the in-house credit card processing solution, Shopify Payments, for one of the following reasons:

  1. Industry Is High Risk
    Your Shopify ecommerce store sells some products within industries that Shopify categorizes as “high risk.” This categorization is up to Shopify’s discretion (and may change over time), but in general, a “high risk” categorization may encompass industries such as supplements & nutraceuticals, vape products, travel, etc.
  2. Previous Chargebacks
    Your Shopify account has received multiple chargebacks within a relatively small sample size of orders. Depending on your Shopify store order volume, even two or three chargebacks within a month could trigger an automated or manual review of your merchant account.

Why Do So Many Shopify Users Choose Soar Payments For Their Credit Card Processing?

  • Soar Payments specializes in merchant accounts for high risk and hard to place businesses. So your unique ecommerce business can get approved and processing “ASAP.”
  • It’s easy to integrate a Soar Payments merchant account with your Shopify store. The process takes about five minutes (and we can even walk you through it!)
  • You will automatically receive our Industry Minimum Pricing (even if your business operates in a high risk industry). Get simple, transparent pricing (and no hidden fees).

Our friendly Customer Support Team is standing by to approve your application

How To Integrate A Third Party Merchant Account With Your Shopify Store

Integrating a third party merchant account with Shopify is a three step process that takes about five minutes:

  1. Quickly review the Shopify documentation on third-party payment providers (link).Log in to your 3dcart ecommerce software as an account owner, activate a new credit card provider.
  2. Log in to your Shopify store as an account owner, activate a new credit card provider (link) and then change your credit card payment provider (link).
  3. Follow the directions from your merchant account provider to run a test transaction.

Resources For High Risk Shopify Merchants

Here are some resources you may find helpful if your business uses the Shopify ecommerce platform, and you’ve been categorized as “high risk.”

Shopify Payments: The “in house” credit card processing & Point Of Sale solution for regular, “low risk” Shopify merchants.

Shopify Terms of Service: The terms and conditions for Shopify merchants. Includes a section regarding Shopify Payments accounts.

Third-party payment providers: Help center topic @ Help.Shopify.com.

Configuring third-party payment providers: Help center topic @ Help.Shopify.com.

How Does The Application Process Work?

  1. Apply Online
    Complete the online application process (it takes 5 minutes). Get Started
  2. Get An Instant Quote
    You’ll instantly receive a quote with Industry Minimum Pricing to DocuSign.
  3. Start Accepting Payments
    Our friendly, in-house client support team will help you get set up. We’ll make it fast and easy.
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