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SaaS Solutions for Growing ISOs with Kevin Smith of Pioneer

Whether it’s an ISO (Independent Sales Organization) or a bank, growing and managing a merchant portfolio isn’t easy. Larger portfolios with more relationships to manage can lead to increased overhead, and even suboptimal merchant experiences.

Fortunately, there are now SaaS solutions ISOs and banks can use to make managing it all much easier (and more profitable).

Our expert guest on this show is Kevin Smith. Kevin is a payments industry veteran, with 30 years of operational experience in the ISO business. Kevin used that experience to build out Pioneer, a software offering that makes it easier for ISOs and Banks to manage their portfolios.

Listen below to learn how the right tools can transform your merchant services portfolio management and lead to more growth.

Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode

  • What some of the biggest challenges ISOs face are when it comes to growth and portfolio management.
  • The story behind the SaaS solution Pioneer, and how it helps ISOs and banks overcome challenges.
  • How much profit and efficiency can be found when centralizing merchant management.
  • Kevin Smith’s view on the future of payments and where Pioneer is headed next.
  • With so much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight


“Pioneer is a SaaS solution owned by Settlement Data Systems, a Fintech software development company specializing in the merchant acquiring space. As a company created for ISOs by ISOs, Pioneer is the processor-agnostic platform that cuts the cost of merchant portfolio management and speeds back-office payments processing operations. Pioneer enables ISOs and acquiring banks to increase profits by eliminating expensive outside services.

Pioneer dares to reconsider the way business is done—and how money is lost. Pioneer seeks to help ISOs keep more of the money they earn by in-sourcing functions that are most commonly outsourced such as merchant funding, merchant statement generation, and split funding, to name a few. Pioneer replaces costly outside services with an easy-to-use account management dashboard so that your ISO business can stand out in the crowd of resellers.”