Payment Gateway for High Risk Businesses

As the #1 rated high risk payment processor, Soar Payments offers its customers access to the Soar Payments high risk payment gateway, which is exclusively tailored to the unique needs of high risk businesses.

Gateway Features

Built exclusively for High Risk Merchants, with the following features included:

  • Integrated chargeback alerts & management,
  • Integrated fraud identification,
  • 150+ Shopping Cart Integrations
  • Recurring Billing & ACH
  • Pre-Paid & Virtual Gift Card Management
  • Simple Virtual Terminal Dashboard

High Risk Industries That Benefit From Our Gateway

Soar Payments offers its high risk payment gateway to all of its customers, however, the following industries can immediately benefit from some of the unique features offered:


Need A High-Risk Payment Gateway?

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Soar Payments provides its high risk payment gateway services to thousands of US and offshore businesses, ranging from new startups to businesses processing millions of dollars a month. So when you’re ready, we’re ready.
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