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Merchant Accounts For Glassware

An Overview

Glassware and Smoking Accessory Merchant Accounts

Businesses selling glassware and smoking accessories are part of a multi-million dollar industry. Whether selling glassware online, or in-store, these companies offer products that are in demand for consumers.

Unfortunately, many banks and credit card processors consider glassware and smoking accessory businesses to be “high risk”, and are unwilling to provide them with merchant services.

Fortunately, Soar Payments has consistently offered merchant services to glassware and smoking accessory businesses since our company founding. We value the services provided by all types of companies within the industry, and are happy to service companies selling products like glass pipes, water pipes, bongs, and other smoking accessories.

Glassware Credit Card Processing

Why We Proudly Accept Smoking Accessories Businesses As Merchants (Even When Many Processors Don’t)

Many credit card processors do not accept glass and smoking accessories retailers as clients, for several reasons. First, it is obvious, but glassware is associated with smoking which is an age regulated activity. Many credit card processors simply do not work with regulated industries at all as their underwriting capabilities or sponsor bank do not permit it. Second, particularly eCommerce glass and smoking accessories sales are susceptible to higher rates of chargebacks, because the credit card transaction doesn’t involve a physical card swipe or dip of the chip card. For these two primary reasons, many merchant services providers simply refuse to work with the glass or smoking accessories industries altogether.

Soar Payments, by contrast, has been proud to serve the glass, pipes, and smoking accessories industries since our company’s inception. Soar Payment’s extensive relationships with credit card processors and sponsor banks who specialize in underwriting businesses perceived as “high risk” enables us to confidently support these businesses (including retail, mobile and online glassware, pipes and smoking accessories businesses). Moreover, our fully integrated chargeback and fraud prevention solutions, uniquely position Soar Payments to help protect our merchants from some of the inevitable chargeback and fraud risks endemic to this industry.

Glassware Ecommerce & Point Of Sale Integrations

Enjoy Seamless Integration With Leading Glassware Ecommerce & POS Software Suites:

Soar Payments glassware accounts, either directly or via a payment gateway, are compatible and integrate with the following ecommerce, Point Of Sale and marketing automation platforms:

Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion, ClickFunnels, InfusionSoft, and OntraPort.

We’re Also Compatible With Many Other CRM & Software Suites.

Soar Payment’s glassware merchant accounts can be integrated with most other software or CRM platforms which are compatible with the, NMI, or USAePay payment gateways.

Member Organizations

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions specific to glassware merchant accounts

  • What types of glass and smoking accessories businesses do you accept?

    Soar Payments accepts a wide range of glassware, pipes and smoking accessories related businesses, including retail, mobile (such as vendors that specialize in selling at trade shows), and eCommerce businesses.

  • Is Soar Payments compatible with my existing ecommerce or software platform?

    Smoking accessory and glassware businesses typically have a preferred ecommerce, CRM or marketing automation software platform they use. Because Soar Payments works with most major payment gateways (including, USAePay and NMI), our merchant accounts integrate with most popular software suites used by businesses in the glass industry including: Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion, and similar ecommerce platforms, as well as marketing automation platforms like ClickFunnels, InfusionSoft, and OntraPort.

  • What criteria does my smoking accessories or glassware business need to meet, to be approved for a merchant account by Soar Payments?

    To be approved, smoking accessories or glassware businesses must meet the the following criteria:

    • Must not display any Marijuana / Cannabis imagery or references of any kind on products or web site;
    • Must not sell tobacco, only the smoking accessories (glassware).

Want more information? Click here to read our extended list of our FAQ.

Our friendly Customer Support Team is standing by to approve your application

Accept Retail, Mobile, Virtual Terminal or eCommerce Payments

Soar Payments offers a full spectrum of merchant accounts to nutra, vitamin, and other health supplement related businesses. These include:

Retail Payments

Retail businesses can choose from a traditional credit card terminal, wireless, or point of sale system. Whatever you choose, our retail merchant accounts will have you accepting credit and debit cards faster, and for less.

PAX A920 Terminal

Mobile Payments

​Want “on the go” mid or high risk credit card processing? Our mobile pay options are for you. Choose between iPad or mobile phone credit card swipers, compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

Virtual Terminal Payments

Accepting payments over the phone, mail or typed in on your laptop is easy with our virtual terminal merchant accounts. No equipment needed. Just log in to your virtual terminal, and type in the customer’s credit card.

eCommerce Payments

Selling online? Our easy to use payment gateways are compatible with, and simply plug in to most major shopping carts. Our mid and high risk merchant accounts are streamlined for eCommerce businesses.

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