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Using Fintech to Revolutionize the Web with Stefan Thomas of Coil

Financial technology offers boundless opportunity for innovation… and with cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, instant payments, and more it’s never been easier to re-think existing systems. On this show, Scott is joined by a Stefan Thomas who has founded a company, Coil, that aims to completely revolutionize the way the web works.

Stefan has a deep background in fintech…introducing millions of people to Bitcoin, and was in charge of the technology for the third largest cryptocurrency (Ripple). Now his mission is to help creators/businesses monetize their content in more effective and sustainable ways. His insight helps drive one of the most fascinating conversations on PayPod yet!

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Talking Credit Cards and Travel Rewards with Jason Steele

On this episode we’re talking all about credit cards from the consumer side, with a special focus on travel rewards. Scott is joined by Jason Steele, who is a journalist and a nationally recognized expert on the subjects of credit and credit cards. Jason’s work has been featured at mainstream outlets such as Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money, and Business Insider.

Jason’s also well known within the community of travel rewards enthusiasts as the Senior Points and Miles Contributor for The Points Guy and other outlets on the subjects of airline rewards and family travel. Lastly, he also produces the CardCon conference, where many of the experts in the credit card journalism and blogging space gather.

Simply put, Jason has excellent perspective to provide on all things credit cards. Listen along below!

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Payments for High Risk Industries Ineligible for Credit Card Processing with Jordan Friedman of Zodaka

We’re very familiar with high risk industries here at Soar Payments… but there are still industries that we can’t work with for traditional credit card processing, such as legal cannabis and (recently) CBD. If you’re a legal business that has tremendous difficulty finding credit card processing, is cash the only opition?

The answer to that is a firm, “no” thanks to a company like Zodaka… which offers payments solutions for high risk businesses like those in the Cannabis industry and more. Scott was joined by one of the founders of Zodaka and current CEO, Jordan Friedman who had a lot to say about payments for high risk businesses, how Zodaka works, and fintech in general.

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The Present and Future of Cryptocurrencies with Joel and Travis of the Bad Crypto Podcast

We’re once again covering the world of Cryptocurrencies on this episode of PayPod: The Payments Podcast! Scott is joined by two crypto enthusiasts, Joel Comm and Travis Wright. Joel and Travis host their own wildly popular show, The Bad Crypto Podcast.

On their show they interview some of the biggest names in the world of crypto and blockchain. This time, they sat in the interview hot seat. Joel and Travis had much to say about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology today, and where they think it’s all heading.

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Marketplace and P2P Lending with Peter Renton of Lend Academy and LendIt

Sometimes there’s a need that can only be met when technology and innovation come together at the right time. On this episode, we talk about one fintech industry that has grown by leaps and bounds… marketplace lending, or P2P lending.

Our guest today is Peter Renton, who is the founder of Lend Academy and Co-Founder of the LendIt Fintech Conference. Lend Academy the leading news and educational resource for the marketplace lending industry and has been instrumental in bringing businesses and professionals in the space together for almost a decade. Peter joined Scott to discuss the ins and outs of the industry, where he and his organizations fit into it all, and more.

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Digital ID and Verified.Me with Greg Wolfond of SecureKey, Stevan Lewis of Sun Life Financial, and Franklin Garrigues of TD

When it comes to banking, finance, and the greater world of fintech… digital security and identity protection are crucial. However, it’s not enough just to provide security… reducing friction and encouraging consumer adoption should also be a focus. Fortunately, when leading organizations join together to pursue these goals, fantastic results are almost inevitable.

On this show Scott discusses the revolutionary new digital ID service in Canada offered by SecureKey, which is called Verified.Me. He is joined by Greg Wolfond (CEO of SecureKey), Stevan Lewis (SVP Digital Transformation at Sun Life Financial) and Franklin Garrigues (VP Digital Channel at TD)… all who have unique perspectives on the world of digital identification, and why their organizations have made it a priority.

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Loyalty Rewards Programs and Mobile Payments with Bryan Leach of Ibotta

These days any business can rest assured that consumers enjoy loyalty rewards programs and the convenience of mobile apps and payment options. The trouble is, there are countless loyalty rewards programs out there which can be difficult to manage. As for mobile payments, in some places (specifically the US), adoption has been slow going.

Fortunately there are companies leading the charge to simplify the consumer experience when it comes to rewards while pushing mobile payments forward. Our guest this week had so much to share on this topic. Listen in as Scott is joined by Bryan Leach who is the CEO of Ibotta, a company (and mobile app) tackling rewards and mobile payments head on with a recently launched rewarded payments platform!

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Investing, Wealth Management, and Fintech with Ron Carson of Carson Group

Welcome to another episode of PayPod! On this latest episode, we’re taking a high level look at the world of fintech from the investment and wealth management perspective. Technology has had a tremendously positive impact on so many areas of the financial world, and the best companies are continually innovating.

Our guest this week has much to share on this topic. Scott is joined by Ron Carson, who is the founder and CEO of Carson Group, which serves financial advisors and investors. He finished 2018 by signing $4.4 billion in net new assets, bringing the company’s total committed assets under management to $7.5 billion (now over $9 billion).

Listen in as Ron shares his thoughts on fintech, wealth management, and more!

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Stablecoins and Payments with Amiya Diwan, Bryan Guy, and Kory Hoang of Stably

We have covered cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ethereum, and the blockchain extensively on this show… yet one of the biggest issues that many professionals in the world of payments and fintech continue to raise is that of volatility. Volatility makes cryptocurrency adoption in traditional financial and commerce spaces incredibly challenging.

Fortunately stablecoins offer potential solutions to this problem, and that’s what Scott explores with several guests this week. Scott is joined by three experts from a fintech startup called Stably. Amiya Diwan (Chief Product Officer), Bryan Guy (Chief Legal and Compliance Officer), and Kory Hoang (CEO) each had incredible insight to share on stablecoins and how their company is aiming to bring unite crypto and payments.

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