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Cryptocurrency Investing and More with Marcello Milteer of The Bitcoin Podcast

When it comes to cryptocurrency, there’s a lot to be said about the payments applications of it. But issues like volatility, price drops, and more present challenges. In this wide ranging episode, we touch on investing in cryptos, blockchain technology usage in business, as well as something called stablecoins which offer up some interesting solutions to volatility problems in cryptos.

Helping Scott explore this is Marcello Milteer, who is the Co-founder and Host of The Bitcoin Podcast. Marcello has worked directly with major global advertising agencies, such as Dell, IBM, and is now an influential Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investor, Advisor, and Evangelist. He has appeared in Huffington Post, RT Media, and Crunchbase for his work in marketing, cryptocurrencies, and entrepreneurship.

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Bitcoin’s Path to Mainstream Payments with Daniel Brown of You Me and BTC

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what bitcoin is, how it works, and what it might mean for the future of payments and currencies in general. But one thing we’ve neglected to discuss thus far is how traditional businesses in the payments world, and individuals championing bitcoin are working to drive mainstream adoption.

Scott is joined this week by Daniel Brown of You Me and BTC. Daniel helps run the site and hosts the associated podcast all about bitcoin and liberty. His shows and articles cover all kinds of topics under the umbrella of bitcoin, so he’s an excellent expert to have on the show.

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Authenticating Digital Transactions with Kevin Crockett of CardinalCommerce

This week, we’re diving headlong into a topic which is important to many payments professionals and merchants (specifically eCommerce merchants) alike… digital transaction authentication. Understanding how transactions are secured, and the modern tools available to combat fraud, while lowering false declines is key.

Scott is joined by Kevin Crockett, Senior Director of Global Client Services at CardinalCommerce. CardinalCommerce is a global leader in authenticating digital transactions and operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa.

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Payments Industry News with Kate Gillespie and Patti Murphy of The Green Sheet

There’s so much to keep up with when it comes to the payments and merchant services industry. The intersection of finance, business, and technology means that there are always new innovations happening. So how can anyone keep track of the constantly evolving payments landscape?

Enter our guests this week… Kate Gillespie and Patti Murphy of The Green Sheet. Kate Gillespie is the President and CEO, while Patti Murphy is the Senior Editor. Together (along with their team), they work to report and comment on the latest updates in the payments and merchant services world. Listen in as they discuss the latest developments in payments with Scott!

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The History of Bitcoin with Brady Swenson of Citizen Bitcoin

Whether you’re in the payments industry, or just trying to keep up with the latest in financial technology, the history of financial innovations is fascinating to explore. That’s exactly what this episode of PayPod is all about, as we explore the history of Bitcoin.

Scott is joined by Brady Swenson, who is Director of Technology at Rewire.News and also the co-host of Citizen Bitcoin, a podcast all about the latest happenings in the world of bitcoin. Listen in as Brady provides a deep look at where Bitcoin started, and some insight on where it’s all headed.

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How to Educate Yourself on Bitcoin with Jameson Lopp

Educating yourself on Bitcoin is crucial whether you want to just stay informed about a new financial revolution, or apply it to your work in the payments industry. However, there is a lot to learn, and the educational path you follow is critical to success.

Fortunately, our guest this week is an expert at helping newbies learn about Bitcoin. He also put together the most cited Bitcoin resource list out there on Jameson Lopp, joined Scott to share his thoughts on Bitcoin, and the process of educating yourself on the world of crypto.

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Blockchain and the Politics of Bitcoin with Chris DeRose of Bitcoin Uncensored

Understanding blockchain technology is key to truly grasping how Bitcoin works, as well as the other applications of blockchain in fintech. It’s also important to get an overview of the politics surrounding the Bitcoin community to get a sense of where it’s all headed. Fortunately, Scott was joined by another Bitcoin expert on this show who shared his excellent insight on this.

Chris DeRose is one of the oldest, and most controversial speakers in the Bitcoin space. As a avid writer, podcaster, and political commentator – Chris has been involved with the cryptocurrency community since reading about Bitcoin on slashdot in 2011. He currently hosts a show, Bitcoin Uncensored, which takes a hard look at the world of Bitcoin through his unique perspective. Listen in!

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The Lightning Network with Bryan Aulds of the Unhashed Podcast

On this episode we’re back to chatting about Bitcoin, but we’re going to focus in on something we’ve touched on before in other bitcoin episodes, but really deserves a lot of attention because of its potential in the payments industry… The Lightning Network. Scott is joined by Bryan Aulds, who is a “an economics and finance junky with a penchant for libertarian theory” He’s part of the Unhashed Podcast which is all about bitcoin, and he co-founded a business which sells a backup wallet for cryptocurrency keys, called Billfodl.

Needless to say, Bryan had a lot to share! Scott and Bryan explore much in this episode, and focus on how the Lightening Network offers a tremendous amount of potential when it comes to payments.

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Exploring Apple Pay with Jason Snell of Six Colors

Welcome to another episode of PayPod: The Payments Industry Podcast! On this episode we’re talking about a piece of payments technology developed by the technological juggernaut that is Apple Computer…. Apple Pay. Contactless payments systems are revolutionizing the payments industry. Forget swiping, chip readers, or dinosaurs like cash and checks. Now, it’s just a matter of tapping something with your phone.

But what’s Apple Pay really all about? How is adoption going? Where is Apple Pay expanding to? Our guest this week is Jason Snell, who is a long time tech writer and podcast host, who is the senior editor for Six Colors, a site all about Apple and other technology companies. He had a tremendous amount to share about Apple Pay and the tech giant behind it.

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